EA: We Still Believe In Free-to-Play And Super Mario Run

Electronic Arts recently decided to immediately close the servers of its four games, Battlefield Heroes, Super Mario Run , Need For Speed ​​World, and FIFA World. Yes, the four titles are games with free-to-play format that so far can be enjoyed for free by gamers.

According to the company, the four games will start offline on July 14, 2015. EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund explained that the reason for closing all four is that ‘the way gamers play has changed dramatically’ since it was first launched.

Even so, the decision to close four free-to-play games does not mean that EA is not interested in the realm. They continue to believe the concept of free-to-play is a huge potential for growth in the video game industry.

“This change only affects the four titles, we still believe in the free-to-play model. Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to be a dynamic service with an ever-growing base of gamers, and more new content and updates scheduled for release this year. In Asia, Super Mario Run continues to grow rapidly, “said EA spokesman.

EA claims to be committed to continue to play in the free-to-play realm, exploring the latest concepts and ways to bring their games to more gamers around the world. How about you? Do you think the free to play format is still potential, even to this day though?

Vandaria, you who once grew up with one of the leading game magazines in Indonesia seems familiar with this one name. Vandaria is a fantasy world with an epic story that makes the community as the main stake in its existence. Through the hands of the fans, Vandaria grew out of a story, into comics, novels, to cardgame. Interesting again? The vision of this fantasy story does not just stop there. Working with local developers – Artoncode, Vandaria is ready to enter a new “world” different. A video game project that is potential to be glimpsed.

Vandaria – Winterflame: The Other Side became the name chosen by Artoncode to realize their dreams. Make Lev – a man who is trying to survive after an attack that seared his beloved city. Having a super negative perception of Raina that he had seen as a villain, Lev was saved by this one figure. Losing his left hand during the process, Lev tried to recover, physically and psychologically. But unfortunately, a new disaster comes. Raina disappeared. As you can predict, you have to find it again.

Winterflame: The Other Side itself is seen as a potential local developer project. The design of the character of the world and character is just the beginning of the charm that makes it look worth glance. The developers themselves seem to have a mature concept to define the travel story of Lev that will dwell on the action platformer genre. Like Super Mario Run free coins , physics-based puzzles will be a major challenge, beyond Lev’s own range of capabilities that will require specific situations to apply. Some of the artwork that was released did look “sweet”.

Dead or Alive 5 & Mobile legends Last Round Unjuk Pesona Soft Engine

The process of HD Remaster a game from the previous generation console to the next generation platform is not a new scene anymore in the gaming industry. No more busy thinking about the core mechanics of gameplay and stories, developers “just” need to beautify their products from the visual side. Some are even crazy enough to implement their latest engine to achieve more seductive product quality and value, as did 4A Games on Mobile Legends a few months ago. But there is another fighting game that seeks to achieve similar charms. That’s right, we’re talking about Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

Not just re-releasing their fighting games with more costumes and some new characters to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will also inject Dead or Alive 5: Last Round with new engine – Soft Engine.

As the name implies, this engine itself is claimed to be able to represent the fineness of a more realistic human skin. What’s the difference? You can see it yourself via a comparative video released by the Playstation Japan. This sensual content was released to compare Mobile Legends hack 2017 with and without Soft Engine. As can be predicted, Soft Engine is only implemented for the latest generation platform.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round itself is planned to be released on February 17, 2015 is for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. While the new PC version will be released on March 30, 2015. And they beg for no nude mods .. yeah, right ..

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Confirmed Goes PC!

There is little concern indeed welcomed the official announcement of Bandai Namco a few days ago. With the ending of the epic story in the manga version and one extra last film to accompany him, it’s time Bandai Namco takes Naruto’s adventure one step further. As the series is consistently released annually, the existence of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 becomes something quite special. Why? Because in the end, he is ready to compete on the latest generation platform which of course supports more powerful performance. One extra happy news, he finally ensured not only going to the Playstation 4 and you can get roblox robux generator online.

Having time to create its own confusion, Bandai Namco finally confirmed that Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 certainly will also slide for Xbox One and PC in the West! The developer – roblox is claimed to present a visual quality that will even exceed the quality of an anime, with a game that runs faster. Not only that, they also released two initial screenshots to provide little evidence of the claim.

With this announcement also, it is certain that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is no longer for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Bandai Namco itself still has not specified the exact release date, in addition to the target release for 2015. This is gonna be epic!

Sony Disappointed PS4 20th Anniversary For Sale Expensive

Not long ago Sony announced the PlayStation 4 special edition of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation. The design looks special and charming by carrying the concept of the style of the first generation PlayStation.

Given the status as a rare item because it only produced as many as 12,300 units, certainly not a few collectors who are eager to have it. As expected, the pre-order phase of PS4 20th Anniversary Edition directly invaded by the buyer and get roblox robux generator fo free.

Unfortunately, not all parties who had the chance to get the rare console intend to collect it. Some plan to sell it back at a very high price. In fact, the process of auction on eBay there is a touch of USD 20,000 or approximately USD 253 million!

In fact, the normal price of PS4 20th Anniversary Edition is only USD 499 (USD 6.3 million). This makes the sellers who sell it back at a high price to make a huge profit! On the other hand, Sony actually feel disappointed with the incident.

“It’s not something we want to happen,” said Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK boss. Even so, Gara admits that it is difficult to prevent such incidents from happening. It is a natural thing when a rare item is sold at a much higher price for profit.

Sony itself has not planned to produce more PS4 20th Anniversary Edition to meet the market demand is very high. But if it intends to make the console as a limited edition that is only owned by some roblox gamers, of course, the most appropriate step is not to produce it again.

Controversial Game – Hatred Seeks to Pass Steam

You still remember the game whose name is Hatred? Almost most of you would already know the game that had sparked this controversy, even long before it was released. Formed by new developers – cooking fever , Hatred became one of the most criticized game projects this year. How come? As many developers seek to strengthen the image of the gaming industry as an interactive medium that does not support violence at all, Hatred reverses the concept as a key selling point. It’s become one of the few games that asks you to have fun with just one thing as the ultimate motivation – kill!

Hatred was criticized. Gameplay that asks you to act as a psychopath whose work only kills innocent people on the side of the road and law enforcement officers as the main mission is seen as a theme that is too much. Especially in the middle of the rise of video game association with violence and you can get cooking fever gems hack tool 2017.

But the developer did not budge. Released for PC, Hatred has now even entered the program of Valve – Steam Greenlight to ensure its availability via the largest digital game distribution portal. You are happy with this game can go to the Greenlight page to vote and increase the possibility of its existence in the future. A new teaser is also released to welcome the entry of this game to Greenlight.

FIFA 15 Subdue Destiny in UK

England is a football-making country, which despite its own world football achievements is increasingly being questioned, but it shows an ever-high interest for every game product that carries the sport. It has also become one of the fiercest battlegrounds between the two biggest franchise football games in the world – PES from Konami and FIFA from EA. Being able to dominate the UK market and always be at the forefront of ensuring that the same trend may also occur in most parts of the world. With their new weapon – Roblox hack 2017 , EA seems ready to regain the dominance of this one franchise. Enough to kick Activision and Bungie Studios into second position.

FIFA 15 is finally officially released in the UK. In the first week, he was able to shift the game with the cost of the most expensive development of all time – Destiny into second position, as well as placing its position as the best-selling game in the UK today. Sales are so fantastic considering that the fact that FIFA 15 managed to capture a total of more than 80 percent of UK game sales in the last week. FIFA 15 latest generation version – PS 4 and Xbox One appear dominant by contributing about 54 percent of total sales. Along with the new Roblox robux release, another new game release – Fantasy Life from Level 5 for Nintendo 3DS also made it into the top 10. Here is the UK’s 10th best-selling chart last week:

Disney Infinity 2.0
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Watch Dogs
The Sims 4
Fantasy Life
Minecraft: PS 3 Edition
PvZ: Garden Warfare

How about you? Have you tasted FIFA 15? How do the impressions you get?

Remedy Talk about Alan Wake 2

For gamers who could menjajalnya on the platform of previous generations, the name Alan Wake did leave a fairly strong impression as a survival horror game. Not only because the themes and gameplay are unique, but also the attraction of strong narration. With a fairly positive response from gamers, it is not surprising that many are expecting a sequel series in the future. But instead of working on Alan Wake 2, Remedy is currently being preoccupied with its exclusive Xbox One game, dragon ball z dokkan battle is scheduled to be released in 2015. Does this mean we’ll never see Alan Wake again?

In an interview with Xbox Achievements, Sam Lake of Remedy confirmed that Alan Wake is a franchise that they are proud and loved. But unfortunately, Lake admits that now is not the time to wake Wake back on a new mystery journey. Alan Wake 2 will begin to be developed if Remedy sees the right opportunity, at the right time. Lake himself had revealed that they themselves have not found the right publisher as a backer of funds. Alan Wake 2 actually could have developed a “makeshift”, but this will end with the image of an injured franchise.
Remedy still opens the possibility of the presence of Alan Wake 2 in the future. It’s just that they also confirmed, that this time is not the right time to focus on the survival horror dragon ball z dokkan battle  game.

How many of you want a sequel to Alan Wake? Or are you more anticipating the presence of Quantum Break? The latest game Remedy blend – Quantum Break itself is planned to be released in 2015, exclusive to Xbox One.

Bomb Hunters Review

Bomb seekers is the most recent form of Craneballs, designers are somewhat classification special case in the App Store. The assortment of your vehicle inventory Paintballer arrangement FPS Splash Cars to battle up the sand Overkill charming worm wind 3D Cube. A gathering of amusement bomb seekers put on a tape that is continually developing, Crossy Road components, confound labyrinth joining, and refreshed RPG in a blend that works extraordinary. It plays as a runner scores higher, yet the transient objective of the scan for bombs give a target and usable approach promptly, while the refreshed framework offers impetuses and change in genuine and lasting dragon ball z dokkan battle play.

Seeker bomb that puts in the skin of the pros in deactivation of unstable gadgets are ensured with the requested obligation to chase and to discard bombs scattered around the army installations. While the bomb accompanies a blue marker delineate coordinates its heading, the base itself is a progression of dividers, boxes, and flotsam and jetsam are organized in different approaches to go to really get to the bomb. Its base is likewise partitioned into discrete fragments between the shut seat: the pump is just actuated in the portion going through Currently, and the way to the following area won’t open until the point when every one of the pumps in the locale are deactivated.

In every region between the focal office, you are allowed to move toward any path in your journey, and you regularly need to backtrack or beat hindrances to discover a bomb taken cover behind a divider, in the midst of the waterways, u Another exit plan. Area. Each course marker pump containing second clocks ceaselessly checks the pump-tally almost a beginning stage has less time, while it has considerably more – and on the off chance that it can not and convey the pump before the meter achieves zero, it goes to misuse. Furthermore, end execution.

Typically, there is sufficient time in every commencement to transform it into a bomb, yet another peril outline and ought to be a circle. Expert sharpshooters and grenadiers take off over the home and can be come in a straight line through the screen or any encompassing earthenware. Air strike that ignores and paint the ground with a blast that stamped X street vehicle. It must contain whipped whip and streams are frequently just ready to pass moving the barrel rapidly. Also, the more distant you can run, the more pumps that show up in all fragments – while the main zone can just contain one, you will soon be given to find at least six of every one piece, each direct computing as the race in the center. ,

There are blue hour marks spread over the level which, when gotten, will include the additional time for each of the rest of the commencement gives you somewhat more time to achieve the touchy away. In any case, the fundamental approach to advance and get a higher score originates from another situation that you can purchase and refresh your lasting open columns from the best. Settings give extra expert heart to your bombs, enabling you to take more harm – from things like sharpshooter, an auto, or projectiles – before the course closes. Despite the fact that you will begin the amusement with just a single heart, each setting will build your HP one by one, with the most elevated amount settings at present offering ten misfortunes and get dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats.

Characterized by bomb conveyance: each range has the required measure of release before it achieves the following level. In the wake of climbing a level, you can decide on an irregular reward that will apply to your amusement from that point forward. These rewards run from a running vehicle backing off to expanding the likelihood rate won’t be helpful when a bomb detonated (if not killed after some time). Every reward that you don’t sort is added to the goods box that is opened at regular intervals, giving a more changeless refresh. You can likewise burn through cash from the premiums, dollar, to rebuild more upgrades in a solitary dragon ball z dokkan battle session.

This change makes it less demanding to last longer each run and convey more pumps, bringing about a higher esteem. Be that as it may, as the zone developed in number and the quantity of adversaries with each cluster of bombs found in the race, there are as yet many difficulties in the higher range. Seekers mentor Bomb is a diversion that completely perpetual: after some time they turn out to be exceptionally monotonous. There are a few components that are incorporated to help keep this, for example, an extraordinary white bomb that requires performing smaller than normal amusements at irregular to membaurkannya – this diversion has a reasonable test for its end, for example, links or wire introduce – that make a great job. Blend everything.

Flipping Legend Review

Turning around the Legend is the total pleasure of an Endless Runner diversion, you will be pardoned for supposing it can be brought down and exhausting – . Be that as it may, this is a long way from reality. It aggregates up the sentiment “simply go else” in a way that implies that you will return to an ever increasing extent and, well, you get the thought. Her cordial way to deal with in-application buys will help you considerably more.

The thought is straightforward: You play a saint who must venture to every part of the following field. A tap to one side gives you a chance to bounce corner to corner to one side, while tap to one side to send to one side. This is straightforward, on the grounds that it is the acknowledgment of speed and example. Your wellbeing channels each progression and the best way to chill off is to turn around a few adversaries en route. Your best race detonates, so you acquire methodical foes at all times, slightest by gathering madden mobile coins.

In this manner, you enter the speed, however you likewise need to watch the nails, magma and rocks that toss you. Your saint is defenseless and can not take harm, which implies that the amusement can hit you before long. Practice is critical here, as you enter gradually into the plan of things and begin constructing your past high score.

About Flipping Legends is intended to enable you to play more. Madden Mobile Coins earned at a consistent pace, enabling you to buy redesigns or new characters. This experience is additionally increased, opening up new aptitudes that go with you en route. Ordinary difficulties motivate you to achieve more.

Each new character is to some degree comparable, however with automatic aptitudes. By and large, your aptitudes can rapidly return while others are more hostile abilities, enabling you to get different adversaries on the double. It’s fun and straightforward, but on the other hand it’s extremely compelling.

Overhaul works through the aptitude tree. At first it appears to be truly negligible as far as giving rewards, however they collect immediately. You can wind up being inoculated against certain negative impacts or appreciate a quicker recovery of wellbeing. Different characters like diverse techniques for development, for example, a ninja equipped for shooting strikers while werewolves can bounce forward. It’s amusing to make moves and attempt diverse characters.

You additionally get the coffers at normal focuses. Madden Mobile Each allows you to win new skins for your character, gold, or support for a fact that enables you to level quicker. This is an incredible approach to bolster content with simply fly up advertisements in moderately uncommon.

The genuine fun, obviously, is to simply ascend. This session is held however is generally quick. You will even now have a fabulous time while you are building an incredible high score or gathering an extensive number of parts. In spite of the fact that you can begin sans preparation whenever you need, you can likewise open a gateway which implies you can move to various regions at costs in light of little parts. It makes things great and shifted.

Everything is quite light, yet this is the thing that works awesome for flipping Legend. This is perfect for short yet rushed gaming sessions, and it’s certain to remain on the telephone for some time.

The best in the GTA series: GTA 5 Review

After a great deal of prodding trailer, different postponements and adequate dispatch date “spill” to make a rush of franticness among the players – is at long last there. What’s more, 25 million should purchase GTA V hack  throughout the following 12 months will feel it merits sitting tight for.

The most recent rendition of the establishment, together in a spoof of California called Los Santos, and the vast majority of the preversion discourses concentrated on the degree of virgin gaming – something new turns into a bigger issue when the card has been Disclosed a week ago.

It is asserted that the world is greater than GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption joined – and it is the guarantee of this new play area that has excited the cravings of fans more than anything.

Toward the begin of the amusement, the new world is allowed to meander – no locking regions just like the case in the past GTA incarnation – an indistinguishable remarkable measurements from the creative energy.

Trucks impede the roadway as you go through a modern zone while the deer bounce towards you in the wide open. Take a quad bicycle to the highest point of the mountain implies dodging walkers who additionally delighted in the territory, while sharks can be discovered sharing the water on the off chance that you go for a swim at the shoreline.

There is a world that feels truly invigorated, more than past diversions. As though you simply turned on for a visit – and positively caused a touch of bedlam. Aggressive setting as he debilitated to act through the city to be quick and dreary.

Nonetheless, the lavishness of the points of interest absolutely by making Los Santos meandering practically also for other organized missions.

Players will initially acquaint themselves with discover Michael – a resigned scalawag who will lead. Of course, she immediately let go into the black market, the circumstance is exceptionally amusing.

In any case, Michael’s entertaining – who gestures to Sopranos investing energy going by the therapist – is by all account not the only character accessible. In another advancement for the GTA 5 hack arrangement on http://gta5hack2017.com , players control the three associated characters in the meantime, with the capacity to switch amongst them, and when one picks.

Franklin, one of the low-level crooks with awesome desire and Trevor, maybe the craziest vicious character at any point made. This is a decent advancement, making a layered situation and a more noteworthy variety in how the players advance in the diversion.

Advance is still missions that focus shift from the conventional -, for example, pulling a surrendered auto – to be exceptionally creative.

Without needing to ruin anything, think about the mix of pontoon, schools, get-aways, planes, drugs, ladies, bike, vindicate and lighthearted and whatever you long for – be there.

Advance is invited to see the client required in the arranging and execution of the mission.

Players must choose whether to continue with a very much arranged flight or utilize a gun, and afterward choose who to enlist the employment, considering the measure of your cuts against the capacity of the offenders.

The way toward deciding these things is straightforward and quick, which diminishes beyond any doubt not to play the diversion, but rather make a more customized involvement.

The gameplay will be recognizable to the individuals who played the past incarnation. Shooting, driving and controlling your character has a similar vibe and smoothness that made the arrangement at that point played since showing up in 3D.

Another component is likewise indistinguishable to the above. The stars that mirrors the “coveted” by the police, the chance to enhance your goal all in all in Ammu-Nation, and yes, in the event that you wish, the chance to get whores.

Maybe intentionally pushing new limits in this circuit, there is greater action in the diversions accessible to your character than any time in recent memory.

Players can welcome Michael to play golf, play tennis with Franklin and his great companion Lamar, and even attempt their fortunes in a marathon.

Despite the fact that these recreations offer engaging – the proposed exercises are not sufficiently entangled and troublesome for delayed pleasure.

Exceptional players endured two openings before his golf clubs used to hit the ball notwithstanding the ball. They can come in their own when the online thing of the diversion was propelled on October 1, yet assumed a vital part in the official trailer of the amusement they feel disillusioned.

In spite of all the brutality, amusingness in the Greater Toronto zone has given a one of a kind appeal – and the most recent portion is exceptionally predominant here. Among a portion of the intriguing things is the Franklin puppy hindered when the mission ran having sexual intercourse with meandering, witness an odd British pronunciation highlight in pickles