April 2012

GREEN DMV has partnered with AME Church Bishops Vashti Murphy McKenzie and Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr. and The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, to help AME congregations raise their environmental awareness, make their churches more energy efficient and redirect cost savings to contribute to the churches’ mission.

February 2012

The Green Faith Works project works with houses of worship in the District through a partnership with GREEN DMV and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. GREEN DMV is helping houses of worship to manage their own energy consumption using energy management software tools enabling them to take an active role in financial, energy and environmental stewardship.

October 2011

GREEN DMV launched the Cooling the Capital initiative in response to a desire by educators to create environmental stewards in their classrooms. Building upon the success and experience of the GREEN KIDS! program, GREEN DMV has created a teacher training curriculum designed to empower students to take a more active role in protecting their environment starting in the classroom and reaching into their communtities.

Metropolitan AME Church in Northwest Washington, DC

May 2011

On April 23, several Washington, DC residents gathered to participate in GREEN DMV’s Green Faith Initiative. The Green Faith Initiative works with faith-based organizations to engage DC residents on issues of sustainability.The initiative creates programs that conserve energy and protect the environment to create healthy communities. Metropolitan AME Church was one of three Washington, DC houses of worship awarded $30,000 each to perform energy efficient upgrades in their facilities.

(l-r) EPA Mid-Atlantic Region Administrator Shawn M. Garvin, Philip O'Neal and Rhon Hayes

April 2011

GREEN DMV received the 2010 EPA Environmental Excellence Achievement Award. The Mid-Atlantic Environmental Achievement Awards recognized groups, agencies, individuals and businesses making extraordinary contributions to improving the environment in the mid-Atlantic region, which includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

December 2010

On December 11, 2010, dozens of volunteers gathered at Hume Springs Park in the Delray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA to help kickoff the "Retrofit the DMV" initiative. The program began by opening remarks from Mayor William D. Euille of Alexandria City. GREEN DMV helped to weatherize the home of a low-income Alexandria resident by upgrading old appliances to new Energy Star appliances to reduce energy consumption, caulking the windows to help insulate the home and installing a new Watersense® toilet to conserve water. See what else happened!

(l-r) Rhon Hayes, AAREP Director Brandy Rodgers and Philip O'Neal

October 2010

AAREP welcomed GREEN DMV Cofounders, Philip O'Neal and Rhon Hayes to AAREP’s 7th Annual Awards Gala at the Park Hyatt. The cofounders were presented with the Innovation in Green/Sustainable Projects award for GREEN DMV's impact on the community.

GREEN DMV is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes clean energy and green jobs as a pathway out of poverty in low-income communities across America.

GREEN DMV is working to ensure that the environmental, social and economic benefits of a clean energy future are inclusive of all people that share our natural resources.

Contributing Writer: Jerry Lawson
Federals and the Faith Community

The GREEN DMV Report provides the latest information on the state of the clean energy economy.

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The Green Faith Initiative is a city-wide effort to engage the faith-based community around sustainable practices that conserve energy and create healthy communities.