GREEN DMV is working with communities, businesses and volunteers across the Greater Washington area to help rebuild low-income neighborhoods through energy efficiency. As the green economy continues to move forward through innovation and investment from the public and private sectors, there remains a need to demonstrate the benefits of clean energy in communities across America to spur further investment. While our government has made significant contributions in our clean energy future, we should not rely solely on our political leaders to make the promise of the green economy a reality.

GREEN DMV has launched the RETROFIT THE DMV initiative to help struggling families who've been deeply affected by rising energy costs to heat and cool their homes. We have heard from several families around the region about the lack of resources to pay electric bills as they are faced with having to choose between feeding their families or keeping their electricity on -- these are choices no one should have to make.

Over the next several months, with the help of several businesses, GREEN DMV will join communities across the Greater Washington Metropolitan area to help retrofit homes to save energy and the environment and bring hundreds of volunteers to neighborhoods across the regions to help in our efforts to RETROFIT THE DMV!

Alexandria, Virginia

On Saturday, 12/11/2010, in partnership with Shiloh of Alexandria Federal Credit Union, Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities and the support of our sponsors, Home Depot, TD Bank, and Whole Foods, GREEN DMV launched a project called Retrofit the DMV to help struggling families who’ve been deeply impacted the economic downturn and rising energy costs have exacerbated their financial hardships.

In addition to providing energy efficient retrofits to a low-income Alexandria resident to lower her energy bills, GREEN DMV and student volunteers from Jefferson-Houston School of Arts and Academics organized a CFL Walk through the neighborhood to educate residents about energy efficiency and eco-friendly face painting activities were provided to engage neighborhood children.

GREEN DMV and volunteers helped to make the following appliance upgrades and improvements to help the residents save money on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Star® refrigerator replacement

Dual Flush Watersense® tiolet



Rain Barrel Installation

Low-VOC painting

Lawn treatment

Organic Bedding

CFL installation

Storm Door replacement

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