Month: September 2017

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Confirmed Goes PC!

There is little concern indeed welcomed the official announcement of Bandai Namco a few days ago. With the ending of the epic story in the manga version and one extra last film to accompany him, it’s time Bandai Namco takes Naruto’s adventure one step further. As the series is consistently released annually, the existence of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 becomes something quite special. Why? Because in the end, he is ready to compete on the latest generation platform which of course supports more powerful performance. One extra happy news, he finally ensured not only going to the Playstation 4 and you can get roblox robux generator online.

Having time to create its own confusion, Bandai Namco finally confirmed that Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 certainly will also slide for Xbox One and PC in the West! The developer – roblox is claimed to present a visual quality that will even exceed the quality of an anime, with a game that runs faster. Not only that, they also released two initial screenshots to provide little evidence of the claim.

With this announcement also, it is certain that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is no longer for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Bandai Namco itself still has not specified the exact release date, in addition to the target release for 2015. This is gonna be epic!

Sony Disappointed PS4 20th Anniversary For Sale Expensive

Not long ago Sony announced the PlayStation 4 special edition of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation. The design looks special and charming by carrying the concept of the style of the first generation PlayStation.

Given the status as a rare item because it only produced as many as 12,300 units, certainly not a few collectors who are eager to have it. As expected, the pre-order phase of PS4 20th Anniversary Edition directly invaded by the buyer and get roblox robux generator fo free.

Unfortunately, not all parties who had the chance to get the rare console intend to collect it. Some plan to sell it back at a very high price. In fact, the process of auction on eBay there is a touch of USD 20,000 or approximately USD 253 million!

In fact, the normal price of PS4 20th Anniversary Edition is only USD 499 (USD 6.3 million). This makes the sellers who sell it back at a high price to make a huge profit! On the other hand, Sony actually feel disappointed with the incident.

“It’s not something we want to happen,” said Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK boss. Even so, Gara admits that it is difficult to prevent such incidents from happening. It is a natural thing when a rare item is sold at a much higher price for profit.

Sony itself has not planned to produce more PS4 20th Anniversary Edition to meet the market demand is very high. But if it intends to make the console as a limited edition that is only owned by some roblox gamers, of course, the most appropriate step is not to produce it again.

Controversial Game – Hatred Seeks to Pass Steam

You still remember the game whose name is Hatred? Almost most of you would already know the game that had sparked this controversy, even long before it was released. Formed by new developers – cooking fever , Hatred became one of the most criticized game projects this year. How come? As many developers seek to strengthen the image of the gaming industry as an interactive medium that does not support violence at all, Hatred reverses the concept as a key selling point. It’s become one of the few games that asks you to have fun with just one thing as the ultimate motivation – kill!

Hatred was criticized. Gameplay that asks you to act as a psychopath whose work only kills innocent people on the side of the road and law enforcement officers as the main mission is seen as a theme that is too much. Especially in the middle of the rise of video game association with violence and you can get cooking fever gems hack tool 2017.

But the developer did not budge. Released for PC, Hatred has now even entered the program of Valve – Steam Greenlight to ensure its availability via the largest digital game distribution portal. You are happy with this game can go to the Greenlight page to vote and increase the possibility of its existence in the future. A new teaser is also released to welcome the entry of this game to Greenlight.