EA: We Still Believe In Free-to-Play And Super Mario Run

Electronic Arts recently decided to immediately close the servers of its four games, Battlefield Heroes, Super Mario Run , Need For Speed ​​World, and FIFA World. Yes, the four titles are games with free-to-play format that so far can be enjoyed for free by gamers.

According to the company, the four games will start offline on July 14, 2015. EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund explained that the reason for closing all four is that ‘the way gamers play has changed dramatically’ since it was first launched.

Even so, the decision to close four free-to-play games does not mean that EA is not interested in the realm. They continue to believe the concept of free-to-play is a huge potential for growth in the video game industry.

“This change only affects the four titles, we still believe in the free-to-play model. Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to be a dynamic service with an ever-growing base of gamers, and more new content and updates scheduled for release this year. In Asia, Super Mario Run continues to grow rapidly, “said EA spokesman.

EA claims to be committed to continue to play in the free-to-play realm, exploring the latest concepts and ways to bring their games to more gamers around the world. How about you? Do you think the free to play format is still potential, even to this day though?

Vandaria, you who once grew up with one of the leading game magazines in Indonesia seems familiar with this one name. Vandaria is a fantasy world with an epic story that makes the community as the main stake in its existence. Through the hands of the fans, Vandaria grew out of a story, into comics, novels, to cardgame. Interesting again? The vision of this fantasy story does not just stop there. Working with local developers – Artoncode, Vandaria is ready to enter a new “world” different. A video game project that is potential to be glimpsed.

Vandaria – Winterflame: The Other Side became the name chosen by Artoncode to realize their dreams. Make Lev – a man who is trying to survive after an attack that seared his beloved city. Having a super negative perception of Raina that he had seen as a villain, Lev was saved by this one figure. Losing his left hand during the process, Lev tried to recover, physically and psychologically. But unfortunately, a new disaster comes. Raina disappeared. As you can predict, you have to find it again.

Winterflame: The Other Side itself is seen as a potential local developer project. The design of the character of the world and character is just the beginning of the charm that makes it look worth glance. The developers themselves seem to have a mature concept to define the travel story of Lev that will dwell on the action platformer genre. Like Super Mario Run free coins , physics-based puzzles will be a major challenge, beyond Lev’s own range of capabilities that will require specific situations to apply. Some of the artwork that was released did look “sweet”.

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