FIFA 15 Subdue Destiny in UK

England is a football-making country, which despite its own world football achievements is increasingly being questioned, but it shows an ever-high interest for every game product that carries the sport. It has also become one of the fiercest battlegrounds between the two biggest franchise football games in the world – PES from Konami and FIFA from EA. Being able to dominate the UK market and always be at the forefront of ensuring that the same trend may also occur in most parts of the world. With their new weapon – Roblox hack 2017 , EA seems ready to regain the dominance of this one franchise. Enough to kick Activision and Bungie Studios into second position.

FIFA 15 is finally officially released in the UK. In the first week, he was able to shift the game with the cost of the most expensive development of all time – Destiny into second position, as well as placing its position as the best-selling game in the UK today. Sales are so fantastic considering that the fact that FIFA 15 managed to capture a total of more than 80 percent of UK game sales in the last week. FIFA 15 latest generation version – PS 4 and Xbox One appear dominant by contributing about 54 percent of total sales. Along with the new Roblox robux release, another new game release – Fantasy Life from Level 5 for Nintendo 3DS also made it into the top 10. Here is the UK’s 10th best-selling chart last week:

Disney Infinity 2.0
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Watch Dogs
The Sims 4
Fantasy Life
Minecraft: PS 3 Edition
PvZ: Garden Warfare

How about you? Have you tasted FIFA 15? How do the impressions you get?

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