Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

The success of Guerilla Games released Killzone Shadow Fall series for PlayStation 4 in November 2013 and did not make developers working under Sony has a nickname developer special game shooter only. This is evidenced by how the evolution done by the famous game Guerrilla Games as a shooter developer who now also makes an open world RPG game with a super quality kece Horizon: Zero Dawn.

As you know Guerrilla Games is known as a developer who has created a serial Killzone that became its flagship, the transformation made by the studio based in Amsterdam, Netherlands is indeed very surprising because some observers of the game less sure about the work he was doing.

But when Crew got a chance to fly to Manila and try Horizon Zero Dawn’s live game before its release, the negative response from the game developed by developers famous for the NBA Live Mobile hack online Series is certainly very indisputable.

Through the Crew interview session with Lead Concept Artist Guerilla Games, Roland Ijzermans in Manila, the game development idea Horizon Zero Dawn has been prepared for six years after the release of Killzone 3 for the PlayStation 3 in February 2011, where the idea of ​​the RPG game appeared before the release of Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4 in November 2013.

Before going on, it’s good to spoil the eye first through a trailer trailer from Horizon: Zero Dawn below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn itself is the newest IP for Sony, where in game brings the concept of open world with a very strong storyline, flexible gameplay, beautiful graphics and sound that “really make” Horizon game: Zero Dawn is worthy of the value perfect. Game Horizon: Zero Dawn is a must-play gamer and ready to be a game of a million people. Here players will feel the RPG game packed with new styles and a new world, so players will be able to meet the creatures of dinosaurs from antiquity but with a metal bandage all over his body.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be laid out in 3017, so the game tells the world in 3017 which has been transformed into a new civilization containing living creatures like humans who live in small groups and creatures of robot form, where the territory of Horizon gameplay: Zero Dawn itself comes from the city Modern that has now been wrapped with wild and tall trees that look like in ancient NBA Live Mobile times.

Sony does have a lot of exclusive games that will not be present for the PC or console competitors, every exclusive game that released will have an iconic character that will be attached with the PlayStation. For example Kratos characters from the series God of War and Nathan Drake from Uncharted is already an iconic figure for the PlayStation. Now the PlayStation has regained the new iconic character of the Horizon Zero Dawn game, which will feature a female character named Aloy who will become the new iconic figure for the PlayStation.

Therefore, in the game Horizon: Zero Dawn every gamer will focus on the character Aloy with a strong storyline and certainly wrapped with some conflicts that make it the main mission and side mission, so guaranteed players will be made more curious and feel at ease in The NBA Live Mobile game.

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