Remedy Talk about Alan Wake 2

For gamers who could menjajalnya on the platform of previous generations, the name Alan Wake did leave a fairly strong impression as a survival horror game. Not only because the themes and gameplay are unique, but also the attraction of strong narration. With a fairly positive response from gamers, it is not surprising that many are expecting a sequel series in the future. But instead of working on Alan Wake 2, Remedy is currently being preoccupied with its exclusive Xbox One game, dragon ball z dokkan battle is scheduled to be released in 2015. Does this mean we’ll never see Alan Wake again?

In an interview with Xbox Achievements, Sam Lake of Remedy confirmed that Alan Wake is a franchise that they are proud and loved. But unfortunately, Lake admits that now is not the time to wake Wake back on a new mystery journey. Alan Wake 2 will begin to be developed if Remedy sees the right opportunity, at the right time. Lake himself had revealed that they themselves have not found the right publisher as a backer of funds. Alan Wake 2 actually could have developed a “makeshift”, but this will end with the image of an injured franchise.
Remedy still opens the possibility of the presence of Alan Wake 2 in the future. It’s just that they also confirmed, that this time is not the right time to focus on the survival horrorĀ dragon ball z dokkan battleĀ  game.

How many of you want a sequel to Alan Wake? Or are you more anticipating the presence of Quantum Break? The latest game Remedy blend – Quantum Break itself is planned to be released in 2015, exclusive to Xbox One.

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